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Fact Or Fiction?

�Finger Licking Good�

There was this story of a girl who was left at home while her parents went out of town for the night. They instructed her to close all the doors and all the windows. She didn't mind cause afterall, she had her pet golden retriever with her. So, after doing so, she lies on her bed and looks at her clock. It reads 11:31pm. Quite uneasy at being alone she lets her hand hang on the side for he pet dog to lick and she's comforted. Later on she is woken by a dripping noise from the bathroom she looks at her clock, 2:14 it reads. She thinks, I didn't leave the faucet on, she's too groggy and scared to get up, so again, she let her dog lick her hand, then she sleeps. Again she wakes up as she see's the headlights of her parent's car pull into the driveway, she looks at her clock. It reads 3:01 so she goes to the bathroom to check out the dripping noise and when she turns on the light, she's horrified to see her dog all cut up, blood dripping and all hanging on the shower curtain rod and a pool of blood is found below. She is frantic and goes to the side of the bed where she let her dog lick her hand and all that is there is a piece of paper written on with blood "Humans can lick too my dear"