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Although they have been compared to acts such as Linkin Park, Depeche Mode, Stabbing Westard, and Bon Jovi, A_liFe [DIVIDED] is something totally unique and unable to be matched, effortlessly breaking the borders of genre and categorization, yet all the while reimaing distinctive and immediately recognizable. Their roots are in metal, but a perfect blend of different stylistic means reaches your ear with each song. Because of their interest in perfecting each individual piece instead of trying to achieve a certain style, there is nothing unoriginal about A_liFe [DIVIDED].

Both the sound as well as the lyrics have a melancholy, yet at the same time uplifting quality that takes an immediate effect, and wonít get out of your head. On stage the band has an unbelievable energy that could spark every possible emotion in its spectators.

With two beautifully self-crafted albums so far, itís almost impossible to be disappointed.

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