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The totally typical super-groupie – A Life divided has no record contract, but they have a fan appointee in the USA, Lizzy (20).

You’d guess that every rock band has a few crazy groupies. Lizzy (20) is one of those groupies. No, not just any groupie. Because it’s not often that a band from the Munich area has an American super-fan working hard to boost the musicians’ careers.

It’s true: Lizzy is from America. From Denver, Colorado, to be exact. At the moment, however, she’s studying at a college near Philadelphia – and this summer she was in Germany for 2 weeks for an intensive language course. The pleasant byproduct was a visit to a rock concert – and here begins the superfan’s story. For the past five years Lizzy had been extensively preoccupied with German music, particularly in the area of metal and rock. So she had also discovered Oomph!, which was her favorite band back then. Back then. Because at the concert Oomph! soon had to say goodbye to their top rank on Lizzy’s list. The band themselves are at fault, since the supporting act they had hired did more for Lizzy than the main attraction: the guys from A Life Divided, metal-heads from Geretsried, sparked in her a fan-fever – with their “extremely impressing show,” as Lizzy put it.

When you hear how she talks about the evening, about how she got into a conversation with the band members and how she got a ride home from them at the end, then you’lld see a little girl in front of you with glowing eyes and rosy cheeks who looks as if she’s just met the Easter Bunny. But Lizzy isn’t a little girl, she’s just a completely typical super-fan. That’s why meanwhile back in the United States she’s became occupied even more directly with her new favorite band, and to her amazement found out that they didn’t have any record deal. “By this time I was really in love with their music,” says Lizzy. So she thought to herself “I should try to help them out a little.”

Said and done. Lizzy spoke with a representative from “Dancing Ferret Discs,” a record company located in Philadelphia, which she knew already had contracts with several German bands. She gave them a CD with a few songs and is just waiting for a reply. In order to not remain inactive, she meanwhile used a free server to build a website for the Geretsried band, creating A Life Divided’s first official fansite. With photos that she edited herself (“that was definitely the most fun part”), as well as a German version in addition, for anyone who’s English might not be so strong.

Proudly she presented her creation to singer, Jürgen, and the other band members. They were excited about it and quickly made her into their “American Distributor.” So, with much effor, Lizzy bought a domain name for her website and tried to make it a little more professional. By now the fansite is up. And Lizzy is working hard to spread A Life Divided in America and recruit new fans. Not at all that easy, she’s gotta locate them, but even so: she’s already found about six or seven like-minded people.

At any rate the band seems to be confident in Lizzy’s distributor abilities. The guys send her merchandise to distribute to people. “So far I’ve sold five CDs,” says Lizzy. Of course it’s possible that out of the five CDs her mother bought two and her cousin bought three, but maybe this plan for success is actually working – and A Life Divided are going to be one of the most successful German bands of all time, who knows. And if not, then that’s not so bad, because Lizzy knows full well: “it just feels rewarding to be a part of it” (what I actually said was  “it feels very rewarding to be involved.”) A part of a band, not just any groupie.