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Tuesday, April 3, 2007
April 3, 2007
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Tynisha Keli - My First Love
Topic: Memories
i'm sick, and tired, and my nose is stuffy, and reminising about everything that have happen to me this past 19 years of my life. so much has happened, both good and bad. but i guess it's a lesson to be learn. i miss my little cousins dearly. i'm wondering how they're doing. i have changed so much since the day i moved to san diego. from growing up and taking care of myself. mature at such a young age due to family problems. not having the parental love and family sincerity bless. so now i am on my own to proof to everyone that i can make it out on my own. i am ready to proof to the world that no one can bring little brenda down. those tears that i have shed not only did it make me feel sad, but it also made me a stronger person inside.

i miss my parents. i miss my first love. i miss the year 2004. if i could relive any moment of my life. i would definitly go back to saving my parents or going back to my first love and never letting go of him. I LOVE YOU.

Doan Thi Lung
Jan 5, 1957 - Apr 9, 1996

Hinh Phuc Hy
May 5, 1957 - Apr 9, 1996

Nguyen Van-Cam Thanh
Dec 5, 1987 - Jul 7, 2006

there's not a day that i don't think about you guys. just hoping that one day we will all reunit. i will wait for that one day. just know that i'm willing to do anything for you guys. from the bottom of my heart. the day you left was the day you took a piece of my heart. so now my heart is shattered. it will never be the same without you guys. rest in peace. missing you dearly.

Entered By Brenda/Tuan at 7:53 AM
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Friday, May 12, 2006
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: depressed
may 11 2006

Entered By Brenda/Tuan at 4:29 PM
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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Mood:  rushed
Now Playing: Frankie J's album
Topic: Emotional
as times goes by, all tuan does is game his day away. well as he put it he barely games, but whenever i see him, he's gaming most of the time. so you tell me! don't you think he's gaming like 24/7 if i see him most of the day gaming? i don't know. he told me that he doesn't game that much, he's doing his ebay shit before he games and yaddy yaddy yahh. i was like okk. this is what i meant by limiting your gaming time. i swear, one of these days, i would break that desktop. even though it belongs to be, i don't give anymore. i can't take all this gaming time when he can do something else productive. like finding a sport to do, doing his homework, helping his mom with choirs.. things like that. but right now, he doesn't even bother doing any of those. the only thing i see him doing the best is gaming his day away. i mean, i know he works 5 to 11 at night so i let him game. but usually the game goes for an hour or so, but last night was way out of line. gaming till 1 in the morning. that's when i know that it's out of control. him and his freaking brother. i swear one day! just one of these days, if he tells him to game longer then yesterday, then i'm just going to forget him. i'm not saying that i'm going to give up on himm and our relationship or anything like that..but i'm just going return what he's been acting towards wme when he games. i'm going to make sure he knows how it feels like when i'm trying to talk to him and his expression is all toward his freaking games. i don't know how far this limit of mine is going to keep up.. thinking about it makes me want to cry, but in order for this relationship to go right, i want to solve this with him, but whenever i bring up a problem with him, he it turns it all around on me. and that causes me to get more piss at him and his gaming, so i sit in my room and cry myself to sleep until he comes in my room and try to comfort me..lifes hardd..

Entered By Brenda/Tuan at 6:50 AM
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
ONE day before our 7 months anniversary
Mood:  smelly
Now Playing: Mariah Carey - SHAKE IT OFF
Topic: Memories
Brenda: today is the first day that i have this new blog entry. it's kind of sol, but yeah. anyways, me and tuan stayed home until like 6-7pm then we started to get bored so then we called his friends up and see what they were up to. and they were at callahan's. so then we headed there for a bit and ate with thm. or tuan finished their food. ;] then we went to go swimming. but then i didn't swim because it's them time of month and yeah. instead i went to KFC to get me some chicken since i didn't get any at callanhan's and then i headed to the pool. and chilled at the spa for a bit and then we all just head home. and now i'm online fixing up sites cause tuan's gaming an i got nothing else to do. and yeahh. ..well i'm going to end this entry here. until next time. PEACE

Entered By Brenda/Tuan at 7:23 PM
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