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Kids 4 Kids International

Tanith Murphy-Bixby, age 15
Founder and President

Mission Statement

Kids 4 Kids works to improve the lives of youth (of all races, ethnicities, religions or lack thereof, abilities, sexual orientations/gender identities, and economic and cultural backgrounds) throughout our country and everywhere in the world by establishing community links, advocating for civil rights, promoting safety, spreading happiness through random acts of kindness, and peacefully working against all who would cause harm to them.

KIDS 4 KIDS is an international organization (founded in the United States) who, as a group, advocate for the rights, safety, and opportunities of/for youth worldwide.

Our members: Our membership consists of over 1200 youth, the majority of whom live in Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri, USA and Montreal, Canada, and are aged aged anywhere from infancy to 18-ish years old (we do have a few members who have turned 19 and 20 but refuse to leave), who choose to actively support our anti-war, pro-happiness mission for all children and teenagers everywhere.

What we do: Through the Kids 4 Kids e-mail account, we spread word about events related to our cause in which youth activists may be interested. In the past, we have:

... and a great deal more!

How to Get Involved:
  1. Sign up on anything with blank spaces that says "Kids 4 Kids" on it
  2. E-mail
  3. ... or our president's personal e-mail address,
  4. Call (303) 439-8816 outside of school hours/days, mention Kids 4 Kids, and ask to speak to Tanith

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