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Khelse and Celse!

Our Best Friends!

Hey! Welcome to our site! I'm Khelse. It's pronounced Chel-see. And I'm Celse. It's Kel-see. We're twins. Not quite identical, but pretty close. We have 2 brothers that we live with and also our mom, dad, aunt, and uncle. Khelse's boyfriend is Coner (not like cone-er, but like Con-er. Like Connor) and Celse's boyfriend is Kiven. We're 21 and love to par-tay and rock the night away!** We love penguins, check this out! Emmy already has one... *** We love pretty pictures, too. Here's some awesome eye-catching masterpieces of virtual stained glass. LOL! **Want another?** Here's a lot more: **** ****** Aren't those pictures just BEAU-tiful? There might be more later.............. We have two dogs. The first dog picture is the kind of dog that our dog, April is. The second one is the kind of dog that our dog, Jessica is. Here are the pics: *****Aren't they adorible? We have some more pets, too. The first dog here is what Ling-Ling is. ** This is what Hildenburg looks like. ** This is Beyonca. She's our brother's cat and she's really not a people person. ** This is Ashlee. She ain't too bright. ** The first picture is of our bird, Tekido. He's really nice but totally not outgoing. The second one is of Clive and Spence. Clive is on the left and Spence is on the right. They're so similar in looks AND personality, you could almost say they were the same person! And last but not least, Booger. This bird is crazy! We sometimes put our make-up on him and sometimes he steals it! ****** These are ALMOST all our pets. LOL! April and Jessica live in our college dorm with us, and the rest of our pets stay home with our family in their house. We visit them a lot. You might see more of our pets later but that is all for now.