These are pictures from my 18th B-day party. Thanks to everybody that showed up, and fuck off to anyone that didn't. There is no excuse to EVER miss one of KeeZie's parties, aight mutha fackos?!? So remeber that fo next time foo




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Me with my fresh drinking helmet. that's Matt H. there in the background lookin at me all crazy

Drunk ass Kyle with drunk ass Nikki

Me and Shane posing

Me Nikki and Ryan's g/f Crystal. did i mention i was drunk?

Me chillin with Paula

Me showing Josh the proper way to use a condom

Me drinking that oh so delicious Ryan's Creme

Ben, Amy, Dairic and Eric posing

Lisa Dairic Doneta and Ben

Pat making some odd face behind Jacci

Richard with myserious fire coming out of his hand. WOOOOOOO

Dairic and Nikki with Candace's loopy finger in the way. Move ya flop!

Shane showing off his karate stance

Crystal and Candace. Awww how cute

Candace Paula and Chris posing

Me, Doneta and Lisa playing Go Fish

Me and Dairic posing on the porch. Great picture. My fav

Ben waving Vodka in front of my drunken face

Josh and Kim chillin in the bed