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Karen brings to the team over 15 years of practical experience in the areas of public relations, sales, training, brand development, customer loyalty management, team development and management, strategic planning, service and product oriented marketing as well as corporate image development and building.

Karen comes from Queensland, Australia and has lived in South East Asia for the last 7 years. Her training style is informal, interactive and informative. In addition, she has trained and been guest speaker in Australia and throughout the Asia region in a wide range of industries including insurance, banking, healthcare, consulting and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). She is also a fully accredited MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indictor) consultant. Karen specializes in Sales, Project Management and Sales Leadership Training.

Karen strongly believes that the quality of a company’s people determines its long-term success. She believes that it is vital to constantly improve your skills and abilities to be able to stay competitive. She advocates that the best way to achieve this is through continuous training and education.

About KPI Training

KPI Training Institute specialises in training salespeople to become more effective in their sales role. Our aim is to help salespeople and sales managers reach their full potential through professional sales training and development.

We provide a wide range of sales training programme and consultancy services for sales people, sales managers and sales trainers.

We have a track record of helping individuals, sales teams and organisations increase their sales and profitability and build long-term, mutually profitable relationships with their customers.

Our client list includes blue chip organisations as well as small to medium companies. You can be confident, whether you are a Sales Director, or Sales Manager looking for sales training for your team, that you have come to the right place.

We have taught in Korea, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Middle East and Europe. With our wide experience in cross-cultural training, we can develop and conduct training programs for you anywhere you require.

Our focus is on YOU and getting YOUR return on training investment.

Testimonials for Karen Clark

"Very clear, very good practice for Duty Free Ambassadors . We got involved very much, the best training I've ever had! Very useful for our work place."
  Tracy Ren
Duty Free Ambassador
KingPower Duty Free, Thailand
"Karen is very professional. She has a great delivery and above all is very prepared. She adapted very well to Diageo’s products and company."
  Trevor Adsett
Customer Director
Diageo, Global Duty Free
"Karen was very clear and concise with her instruction. She was also patient with the class and creative in helping us solve problems."
  Kenneth Low
HL Sensecurity Pte Ltd, Singapore
  Tai Mern Yee
Head, Training and Development
Singapore Exchange
"Karen is very experienced and able to relate her experience to her training."
  Chua Chew Huat
General Manager
SBS Transit
"Karen is very informative and is able to get everyone to participate. She is easy to understand and is a very interactive trainer."
  Akhigbe Ighodald
Protocol Officer
Nigeria High Commission, Singapore
"Karen is very warm, friendly and professional in delivering the course content."
  Abby Chai
HRD Manager
Cisco Security Technology
"Karen gave us very good examples on how to be a good trainer. It helped a lot, before this I never noticed it's not that easy to be a good sales person or trainer. Karen gave us a lot of help and let us have more confidence. Our job really needs this kind of class."
  Zhou JiaLi
Duty Free Ambassador
KingPower Duty Free, Thailand
"Excellent trainer. Precise and clear teaching enabled us to grasp the concepts and skills quickly."
  Lily Ang Sok Lay
Vice President
Singapore Exchange
"Karen was excellent. I can apply the training to my job and in the shop. Very beneficial."
  Duangporn Kamon
KingPoser Duty Free, Thailand
"Very impactful and motivational."
  Samuel Lee
Training Services Manager
HL Sensecurity Pte Ltd, Singapore
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