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Leading Exporter of Gunny, Hessian, Burlap, Roselle, Kenaf, and Jute Products from Bangladesh


The Golden Fibre Trade Centre Limited (GFTCL)









Use Jute ||| It is Natural ||| It is Versatile, Durable, and Reusable ||| It is Cheap and Superior to Synthetics ||| It is Free from Health Hazards and Environment Pollution ||| It is the Major Solution for the Eco-friendly Production of Tomorrow




Jute is the commercial name of the fiber derived from Chorchorus Olitorius (Tossa Jute) and Chorchorus Capsularis (White Jute) plant varieties. Jute is globally second Vegetable Fiber after Cotton in terms of cultivation or availability, commercial viability, and usage. Traditionally, Jute has been used in manufacturing Yarns & Twines, Hessian or Burlap, and Bulk Packaging. Jute is compared as the best natural substitute for nylon and polypropylene, which are used for high tenacity textile products. Even being 100% biodegradable, Jute is also a renewable resource with environment-friendly life cycle. Being cheaper but stronger, Jute provides greater value for the agricultural, textile, non-woven, and composite industries. Mesta or Roselle Hemp (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) and Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus) are similar fibers and called Allied Fibers of Jute. Click the picture for more information.



Bangladesh occupies most lands of the Great Bengal Plane of the Ganges Delta with affluent alluvial soils. In addition, Bangladesh lies in a geographic area with abundant water sources and hot & humid Monsoon Climate. These factors make Bangladesh, most suitable for Jute cultivation in the world. The overall natural, climatic, and geo-graphic condition of Bangladesh is blissful for growing Jute & other allied fibers in a natural process. Moreover, the Jaat Area, famous for highest quality Jute in the world is located in the heart of Bangladesh. Therefore, Bangladesh has competitive advantage over India for higher quality Jute & Allied Fibers.


Bangladesh remains the largest exporter of Jute Fibers or Raw Jute in the world. More than 80% of the Raw Jute imported in the world, is from Bangladesh. Bangladesh also has strong dominance in Jute Textile Products or Jute Goods. Jute has been closely attached with the cultures, societies, and economy of Bangladesh for centuries.


Other than Jute; Mesta or Roselle Hemp (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) and Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus) is also widely cultivated in Bangladesh. Click the map for more information.



THE GOLDEN FIBRE TRADE CENTRE LIMITED (GFTCL) is a Government Registered Private Limited Company in Bangladesh. We are trading in Bast Fibers (Raw Jute, Mesta or Roselle Hemp, & Kenaf Fiber), Jute & Kenaf based Processed Fibers & Technical Fibers, Jute Cordage (Yarn/Twine & Cord/Rope), Jute Netting & Matting (Geotextile), Jute Fabric (Hessian, Burlap or Gunny), Jute Sackings (Hessian, Burlap or Gunny Sacks), other Traditional Jute Goods, and Diversified Jute Products from Bangladesh. We are one of the leaders in the field of Jute Fiber & Jute Textile Products export from Bangladesh. Our solid experience at the growers’ level, the manufacturing level, to the sophisticated buyers at the international market makes us unique and leading Jute Exporter from Bangladesh. Firm linkage, product diversification capability, sophisticated quality management, and own manufacturing plant KHB Fibres Limited Simura Technical Fibres & Products Limited (STFPL), and Simra Non-woven Limited are our major strengths. Moreover, our strictness about the buyers' requirement, makes us one of the major Jute exporters from Bangladesh.


Since its inception in 1988, the company has developed firm relationship with a large number of importers and several private & government procurement agencies around the world. We take pride in dealing only in Bast Fiber Products from our commencement period without diverting to other products during the sunset period of Jute Products in Bangladesh. Hence, we claim to solid experienced in the Jute & Allied Fiber Sector in Bangladesh. Over the years, THE GOLDEN FIBRE TRADE CENTRE LIMITED (GFTCL) has developed its knowledge base on Raw Jute, Traditional Jute Goods, and Diversified Jute Products. Various researches in our own research lab and researches conducted with Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI) has gained us competitive advantage over rest of the Jute exporters from Bangladesh. Our talented and experienced manufacturing, research, and marketing crew is able to provide you the best quality in the world in the right time. Our success as a dependable and leading supplier of Jute Goods is due to the following factors:

  • Strict quality control supervision in adherence to buyers specification

  • Earnest maintenance of supply schedule & shipment

  • Capacity to supply in bulk at any time of the year

  • Firm commitment to all the stakeholders

  • Excellent, reliable, and long term relationship with major Jute Mills, and Raw Jute balers, Jute & Jute Goods shippers in Bangladesh.

Our Bast Fiber Products


Raw Bast Fibers


Bangla Tossa Raw Jute

Bangla White Raw Jute

Raw Roselle Hemp Fiber

Raw Kenaf Fiber


Bast Fiber Cuttings/Butts


Bangla Tossa Cuttings

Bangla White Cuttings

Roselle Hemp Cuttings

Kenaf Fiber Cuttings


Random Cut Bast Fibers


Tossa Random Cut Fiber

White Random Cut Fiber

Roselle Random Cut Fiber

Kenaf Random Cut Fiber


Bast Fibers Cut-to-length


Bangla Tossa Cut-to-length

Bangla White  Cut-to-length

Roselle Hemp  Cut-to-length

Kenaf Fiber  Cut-to-length


Carded Bast Fibers


Carded Bangla Tossa Jute

Carded Bangla White Jute

Carded Roselle Hemp

Carded Kenaf Fiber


Technical Bast Fibers


Bast Fiber Sliver

Bleached Fibers

Dyed Fibers

Other Technical Fibers

Our Jute Textile Products


Jute Cordage


Jute Yarn

Jute Twine

Jute Cord

Jute Rope


Jute Netting


Jute Matting (Geotextile)

Jute Mesh/Netting Sheet

Jute Tree Drape & Tape

Jute Cargo Netting


Jute Sackcloth


Jute Hessian Cloth in Rolls

Jute Hessian Sheet/Squares

Jute Twill Sacking Cloth

DW Hop Cloth


Jute Fabrics & Trims


Carpet Backing Cloth

Jute Webbing/Tape/Ribbon

Jute Tarpaulin/Canvas Cloth

Camouflaged Jute Blind


Jute Feed Sackings


Jute Hessian Bags

Jute Flour Bags

Jute Twill Bags

Jute Coffee Bags


Non-food Jute Sackings


Jute Mesh Bags

Jute Sand Bags

Jute Woolpacks

Double Wrap Jute Bags


The Golden Fibre Trade Centre Limited (GFTCL)

Address: 751 Sat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh | Tel: +880-2-9115786, 9112711, 9113718, 9142585, 9142642

Fax: +88-02-8113165 | Managing Director: Mushtaq Hussain (Cell: +88-0171-561252) | Office Hours: 03:00 - 12:00 (GMT)

Emails: For General Enquiry & Raw Jute, For Jute Cordage & Geotextiles/Matting, For Jute Hessian & Sacks

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