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Justin's web site


Hey people, welcome to my web site. This site is mostly entertainment if that's what you would call it. I have quite a few links on this page that go to pages on my web site and just pages that I liked while I was surfing the web, to go there click here. I have a skateboarding page that has like two trick tips on it so that doesn't take too long to read, to go there click here. I have an old man story that a few people say is great, to go there click here. I have a link that emails me, so if you want to tell me something then you can do that here. I have a response tester that is pretty fun, it is at the bottom of this page. I have a guestbook that I hope everyone signs. I hope you enjoy this site although I dont think you will get much from it. P.S. if you want something funny, then read the old man story.

Tell me how u liked my page or give me some advice with the script. email me here

check out the old man story, people say that its great
try and figure this out
u look at the few links i have
hello asdf site

check this game thing out it is so awesome

Test your Response time!

Click on "Start" first, and wait until the background color changes. As soon as it changes, hit "stop!"

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