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My buddys Jake, Jessie and Tucker

This website is dedicated to Jake the dog. He passed away about about a week ago. Everyone loved him very much and we miss him.

Jake-July 29, 1989- December 11, 2001.

Jake, Jessie and Tucker aren't really my dogs. They are my friend's dogs. But i decided to make a website about them cuz they are my buddys.

Jake is a Yellow Lab. He is 11 years old. he will be 12 soon because his birthday is July 29. He is a very good dog and everyone loves him very much. Sometimes Barb (that's my friend and she is his owner) says to him: "Jake everybody loves you!" And he wags his tail and smiles. And if you say "Give me five!" to him, he will! He's very smart. He likes to play tug of war a lot too.

Jake is on the left and Jessie is on the right.

Jessie is a Yellow Lab just like Jake. She is 8 years old and her birthday is March 10. She is a very well behaved dog and very smart. She gets scared when there are storms. She used to always go into the bathroom when there was bad weather. She also has a little orange chair downstairs that she always sits on. I have lots of pictures of her on it.

Tucker is also a yellow lab. He is just a puppy and Barb and Pete just got him. He is 4 months old and his birthday is February 17. He's very cute but he can also be a little anoying. He's very playful and curious. He likes to play catch. One time i got him to sit until i threw the stick! That's good for Tucker because sometimes he can be a little impatient. He likes to bug the cat a lot but she doesn't like Tucker. So she claws at him sometimes.

I always play with the dogs on the cliffs and rocks. It's really fun and they know their way around so they won't get hurt. They also like to go swimming at a little lake. It's fun to watch because they jump up and down and play catch.