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SuM Of My GuRliEs

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Prank Call...Funny As Hell
Where's Waldo???
Can you guess the mystery celebrity?
There are 8 things wrong in this picture. Can you find them all?, a Great Place to work!



MaH ScHooL

Dont Like Reading...Heres Ur GOD THAN...haha

End Of The World...Funny As Hell

Best Game Site

I Am Black And I'm Proud!!!!!

"If You Say You Cant...You Cant...If You Say You Can...You Will" -STEVE

Hey!....thanks for visting my AWESOME! webpage. The Pics you are going to see are pic of sum of my gurlies...and sum of the biggest pussies in da world..hahaha

Milk Shake (Steve's Remix)- My HotDog Brings All Da Gurlz To Mah House...and Their Like "Its Bigger Than His"...Damn Straight Its Bigger Than His...I Could Give Ya A Peice, But I'll Have to Charge

Shake That Monkey - Now Put Ur Ass On His Dick...Let Him Know Ur The Baddest Lil Bitch...Put Ur Hand On Ur Clit...Ask Him Do He Like That Shit...The Way You Move Ur Butt...All He Wanna Do Is Fuck

i know u like my style ;-)

Malvern Prep Football... 7 - 1 Inter Act..5 - 0 .....we went all da way!!!

HoLLyWoodDatzMe: i like kisses and hugs and the feelin of a nice ass....

What Da Hook Gonna Be - But yo, what da hook gon' be (Uh oh!)....See I don't need no fucking hook on this beat ....All I need, is the track in the background, My headphones loud, keep the blunt goin 'round and I'ma rip

Plus I like my Booties and my Boobs like a capital letter 'B' That's how it is, how it better be

~~**Laura's Love Poem**~~ (duh she's talkin about me)

*Wantin u*

lookin deeply into ur seductive brown eyes

visions of us togeder my only paradise

ur arms wrapped around me tite

wuld b the perfect moment nuttin short of jus

rite...ur bodys gentle caress upon mine

that sexy smile wen u look @ me

no otha guy can compare I want u to see

wantin u to b all mine in evry way

ur the only one in my thoughts every day

it wuld b my fantasy my dream come tru

that day I can say i have you...dedikated*

--Condsider Dis An Ivatation 2 Mah Gangsta Nation--

~Na Na Na Na Na Na NaNa NaNa~

**GN** DOnt Hate Cuz I Got WHat U Wantz

~Fall Back Till Ya Neck Crack Nigga~

**People Jealous Of What I Got

One Gurl Up Front Popin Dat Booty

One In Da Back Keepin It Up

2 Dimes On Each Side Keepin It Fine**


**Rachel's Insperation**

"What is sexy? Sexy is standing in the rain as you push me up against the hood of your car tearing my shirt as you kiss me with the intent to never stop. What is cute? Cute is young and inexperienced. Cute is holding hands in the car and kissing at the red lights. What is passion? Passion is knowing what you want and stopping at nothing until you get it. Passion is putting your heart into what you do. What is beautiful? Beautiful is all about the inside of a person. Beauty can only be found in the heart. What is love? Love is the amazing balance of all these your heart, body, and soul."


Seven wise men with knowledge so fine,

created a pussy to their design.

First was a butcher,

with smart wit,

using a knife,

he gave it a slit,

Second was a carpenter,

strong and bold,

with a hammer and chisel,

he gave it a hole,

Third was a tailor,

tall and thin,

by using red velvet,

the lined it within,

Fourth was a hunter,

short and stout,

with a piece of fox fur,

he lined it without,

Fifth was a fisherman,

nasty as hell,

threw in a fish and gave it a smell,

Sixth was a preacher,

whose name was McGee,

he touched it and blessed it,

and said it could pee,

Last was a sailor,

dirty little runt,

he sucked it and fucked it,

and called it a cunt.

Butt and Pussy

There was once an old woman who owned a dog named

Butt and a cat named Pussy. One day her next-door

neighbor came by, irate, and complained, "Your damn

dog took a shit on my lawn and the next time he does

it, I'll pull all the clothes off your clothesline."

Well the dog did it again, and the man pulled the

clothes off the clothesline. The dog did it again and

the neighbor kicked the dog down the road. At that,

the cat went over and scratched up the man's front

door, so he shaved the cat's fur off. And that made

the old woman so furious that she called the

police. "What seems to be the problem?" asked the cop

on duty. She shrieked, My neighbor pulled down my

pants, saved my Pussy, and kicked my Butt down the


Blow up

A little boy walked in on his mom and dad having sex

he ran out so the mom goes to talk to him and the

little boy asks why mommy was bouncing on top of

daddy she said well his belly is gettin bigger and I

was trying to push it down for him the little boy

says mommy there is no use tryin because every day

before you get home the next door neighbor blows it

back up again!

Bad dog

A guy is sitting at a bar, throwing back glass after

glass of scotch. The bartender, a little worried,

asks him if he's okay. "No, I'm not, " the guy,

replies. "I just caught my wife in bed with my best

friend." "Well, " asks the bartender, "what did you

say to your wife?" "Nothing. I'm not speaking to that

bitch anymore." "Well, what did you say to your best

friend?" "BAD DOG! BAD DOG!"

Shot the cat

One day a woman was walking down the street and she

was shot in stomach with a B-B Gun. She was pergnant

with tripletes at the time. 4 years later one of the

3 kids came to his mommy and said " Mommy i peed out

a bullet!" she said ok and he handed her the bullet.

The second kid came down and said " Mommy i peed out

a bullet!" she said ok and he handed her the bullet.

The third kid came down and before he could say

anything his mommy said " Let me guess you peed out a

bullet." He said... " No, I was playing with my dingy

and i shot the cat!!!"

The Affair

One night, a father passed by his son's room and

heard his son praying: "God bless Mommy, Daddy, and

Grandma. Ta ta, Grandpa." The father didn't quite

know what this meant, but was glad his son was

praying. The next morning, they found Grandpa dead on

the floor of a heart attack. The father reassured

himself that it was just a coincidence, but was still

a bit spooked. The next night, he heard his son

praying again: "God bless Mommy and Daddy. Ta ta,

Grandma." The father was worried, but decided to wait

until morning. Sure enough, the next morning Grandma

was on the floor, dead of a heart attack. Really

scared now, the father decided to wait outside his

son's door the next night. And sure enough, the boy

started to pray: "God bless Mommy. Ta ta, Daddy." Now

the father was crapping his pants. He stayed up all

night, and went to the doctor's early the next day to

make sure his health was fine. When he finally came

home, his wife was waiting on the porch. She

said, "Thank God you're here -- we could really use

your help! We found milkman dead on our porch this


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