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  • 1) If you are in the stands chat box and type in the Feild Chat box it is like you jumping onto the feild. You will be banned from parts of the site.
  • 2) Hold back all bad language. The games can get nerve racking but swearing will not help.
  • 3) If you penalty go to the assistant box (see assistant box for more info)
    Quidditch Rules:
    Quidditch game positions.
    1) The Keeper (Who gaurds the goals, one for each team.)
    2) The Beaters. (Block the Bludgers from teamates. Two to each team.)
    3) The Chasers. (Score point with quaffle. Two to each team)
    4) The Seeker. (Looks for Golden Snitch though out the website. Snitch can be in hidden links. One Seeker to each team. MORE AT BOTTOM)
    The Snitch gives you 150 points and game ends. If you make a goal with the Quaffle you get 10 points. If your team Keeper blocks the Quaffle your team gets the Quaffle. If you miss the goal the other team get the quaffle. The game is played by the following examples below. To score or block line up correct symbols as best as you can.
     Players per team
    Chasser 2 each team (symbol "o")
    Beaters 2 each team (symbol "T")
    Keeper 1 each team  (symbol "M")
    Seeker 1 each team  (symbol N/A)
    Symbols For Balls
    O = Goal Post 
    o = Chasser/Quaffle 1
    * = Bludger 2
    = Snitch 1
    One team is capital letters such as K for team1's keeper and k for team2's keeper, same for all other possitions.. Team 1 can be any of the 
    houses and so can team 2.
     Example of scoring a point    Explaination
    <,R1>             O                  Ref places the goal post.
    <,R1>                                Ref makes both shot and block harder.(hits enter 3 times maximum)
    <,K2>             M                  Keeper tries to block goal by placing M directly below the goal.
    <,c1>             o                  Chasser tries to score by placing o directly below the goal.
    <,R1>                                Refs arn't perfect. The play happend before he could increase dificulty of shot or block. The faster you are the better.
    The chasers with the quaffle can "pass" the ball to the other chaser on his team. He does this by pushing "p". The other chaser on his team
    must relize the pass and also push "p" to catch the quaffle. If the opposing team sees the pass he can intersept it before the second chaser
    on the passing team gets the ball. He does this by hitting "I" then enter and "I" again and then enter (MUST have "I" in capitals)
    Example           Explanation
    <,R1>   O         Ref sets goal
    <,K2>   M         Keeper blocks goal
    <,c1>p            Chaser forced to pass due to blocked goal
    <,C1>I            Opposing team chaser tries to intercept and gets off one of his 2 I's
    <,c2>p            The chaser on the passing team puts up hi "p" and gets the pass
    <,C1>I            Opposing team finishes interseption with the second "I" but the pass is done.
    <,R1>     O       Ref now resets the goal for c2 to score in
    Example2          Explanation
    <,R1>    O        Ref sets goal      
    <,K2>    M        Keeper blocks goal
    <,c1>p            Chaser tries to pass
    <,C1>I            Opposing chaser tries to intersept
    <,C1>I            Opposing chaser gets the interseption.
    <,c2>p            chaser2 of the passing team notices the pass too late and missis it.
    <,R1>     O       Ref resets goal for the intercepting team.
    If the M is not directly under the goal the keeper misses the block. If the o is not directly under the goal the
    chaser misses the shot. If chaser places o directly below the goal before keeper places M directly below the goal, chaser scores.
    The Ref runs the game. He sets the goal posts and bludgers. He also judges if shots or blocks are lined up. The more lined up a shot or block is the more likely you are to score or block.
    Example of blocking a bludger    Expaination
    <,R1>c1      *                    Ref fires bludger at chaser1 for lowercase team.
    <,R1>9                            Ref starts a countdown.
    <,b1>     T                       Beater1 is fast but missed the bludger.
    <,R1>8                            Ref continues countdown.
    <,b2>        T                    Beater2 is quick and gets the block in.
    <,R1>7                            Ref is at 7. If beaters have not blocked by 0 chaser1 is sent to assistant box (see assistant box rules for more info)
    Ref counts from 9 to 0 as fast as he can.
    If your sent here for a penalty the assistant decides your fate for the game and how long he keeps you out of the game.
    If your injured the assistant role plays a doctor and will send you back when he is done. NEVER complain about the length of time, it is up to the assistant. He/she will never favor one team or another.
    Do as Ref sais. SEAKERS: You go through the site, once you find the snitch come to chat roo and type out the "password" you found below the snitches picture. the ref will then pause the game while I varafy the password.