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Info about the family!

Helmuth and Edith Meyermann: Edith was born in 1908, and Helmuth was born in 1903. Married Helmuth Meyermann in 1937. Had four children: David Meyermann, Mildred Meyermann, Anita Meyermann,and Joyce Meyermann. Edith worked as a teacher for many years and is now living in Sayre, P.A. Helmuth passed away in 1995.

David and June Meyermann: David was born in 1949, and June was born in 1952. They were married and had three children; Austin, Lacey, and Hayley. They were divorced and David remarried Gabriella in February of 2003.

Anita and Robert Zelle: Anita was born in 1946 and met Robert Zelle, and were married. There were no children born into the family.

Mildred and Nelson Jameson: Mildred was born in 1942 and married Nelson Jameson. They had one girl named Sherry, and a son named Mark.

John Sr. and Alice Simmons: John Simmons Sr. met Alice Simmons. Alice and John were married,and had twin children, John Simmons Jr. and June Simmons. John Simmons Sr. passed away, and Alice is living in Longview in Ithaca.