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My Guinea Pig (Nemo)

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What About Nemo the Guinea Pig?

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All about Nemo and Me(Nicole) Well were to start. Let me start by saying My name is Nicole I'm 20 i go to Columbia junior College. In March i decided to get a pet. I got thier and wanted to get a Guinea pig(Female or sow). But after a whole lot of looking decided to get a male(boar). I then got him some food and headed home to find out that he was really scared so i held him for about an hour so he would get used to me then i made a house from a big plastic container.He is very happy now i have had him for 4 months. I have now decided to get a female guinea pig(sow) so Nemo can have a friend he will be much more happier. So i guess you could say that guinea pigs make great pets they don't bite and they do alot better in groups naturally since in the wild they are group animals. When i get pictures i will post them but 4 now you will have to wait. Keep in contact.