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The Unofficial Futura 100 Web Shrine

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Welcome to the only Vintage CASI computer Website!

This is a place devoted to the admiration, collection, maintenance and support of the little known "Father" of the computer graphics & photography industry.
The QLT Futura 100!

Futura 100 System

the CASI photo systems came out long before most people had a home PC and are very seldom recognized or even known about because of their scarcity and expense. The systems where designed to do only one thing and do it well, take a picture and print it. And in my personal opinion they are far more collectable than an old IBM PC as they can do something useful even today.
(pretty good for something 10 or 20 years old)
PS I am not associated in any way with QLT or CASI and I do not warrant that my claims are accurate.

This site will gradually grow, providing support such as disk images, fixes, and "speed-ups" for the Futura 100 and all other vintage CASI systems.

If you have any equipment or information you want to add to this site please contact me.

I am a collector and this site is my first attempt at a museum, I will expand this site, especially if/when QLT drops support for the Futura systems as I have system boot disk images that I can setup for download and I have many useful tips for setting up and repairing old QLT systems.

I have added a Basic Colortron Page with photos, check it out :)

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This page was last updated on 05/05/04.