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I will start a club where you guys can help if you like. The club will have it where you can become characters from the game and help build the site. Each character will be incharge of a certain job they must do to help the site get better such as graphics, it?? All right! Go ahead and e-mail me if you are interested. You must have an e-mail however to join. I think I may make an e-mail group to keep poasted on news. It would be too hard to transfer info to you through, for example, guestbooks. You guys are all set I think! Have fun whether or not you decide to join. ^_^ NOTE that if the member you want is taken or there are no more members left from the main characters, I can't help you there but you can become someone like Rin, Maester Kelk Ronso, Seymour.... and we will think up a job. If you quit the group, then decide to join again and your character is taken, sorry. If you decide to join again, that's fine, but I won't kick people out for you k? This site can only get better and I hope that people use this meathed to design sites. If you like this format, feel free to use it on your site. (I wouldn't mind you linking me either...h..e...h..e....) ^_^

Character: Yuna

Person: Erica, yours truly


Job: Dunno yet!

Character: Auron

Person: Coby

E-mail: -he has another one...

Job: Graphics

Character: Jecht

Character: Rin

Character: Tidus