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Dream of the Fayth X

Take off your shoes and look around....
Welcome to the, in the progress, Dream of the Fayth X. I'm sorry I've been so damn lazy and been neglecting this site a bit. It just the holidays and stuff. By the way, we want to wish you guys a Merry XMas, Happy Hanukka*** (spelling), Yule, Litha, New Year, and all that other fun stuff. "It's the most wonderful time of the year" and that is damn right! Deer Vallley, here I come!

The Cid in the club actually knows how to understand Al Bhed and it is pretty cool you guys...If you are interested, come and join! Here is pretty much the scoop.... you get to choose any character in the FFX game (only one person per character) that you want to be refered by (like a screen name). We work together to help build up this site. (It is good if you are thinking about starting a site of your own/just want something fun to do involving FFX) Each person has a job they are to do (ex: advertise, graphics, music, fan art, fan get the picture) You can apply and drop out at any time so donít get all worried or anything ^_^ Ths club is just for fun and we donít want you to lose any sleep over it/not get our homework donít because you were too busy being my evil minion. Wahahaha! (Sorry you guys who have already here this almost exact thing). Iím all lazy and dazed and donít want to type any more. If you want too see the mess-up page, go to (the mess-up page IS NOT part of this site. So please do not think I am doing this so I can get extra MBs)


This is an unofficial Final Fantasy X Site. Also, some work, may have been taken from the guidebook. I give credit to the writers of FFX. I did not make up FFX and if I did, I would be pretty damn lucky :)

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