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                                                                                  Marshal Fred White

The Earp’s befriended the town marshal, Fred White upon their arrival in Tombstone. Fred White was a peaceful man who had a good amount of respect from the local townspeople.   Fred and the Earp’s often exchanged stories of their days in law enforcement.  Tombstone was made up of the good guys (Wyatt, his brothers, and Fred White), the bad guys (Clanton gang and John Behan), and the local law abiding citizens of the town.On Oct. 27, 1880, d uring a violent and drunken rage, one member and leader of the cowboy faction, Curley Bill Brocius, shot and killed Fred White.   Fred White was trying to peacefully disarm the man when he violated the no firearm city ordinance.  The man quickly turned on White and shot him point blank in the chest.

Curley Bill maintained it was accidental shooting and Fred White himself stated so before his death. As a result of Marshal
White's statements, Curley Bill was set free and the charges dropped.

Marshal White was only 32 years old when gunned down.

One year later, Tombstone would become the scene of the most fabled shootout in Wild West lore, the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.