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                                   Virgil Earp Bio

                                                                           Marshal Virgil Earp

                                                                                   Virgil Walter Earp
                                                                         July 18, 1843- October 19, 1905

During his lifetime, Virgil farmed, drove a stagecoach, drove a mail route, was a prospector and always involved with marshals, sheriffs and constables in one capacity or another. When he and Allie lived in Prescott, AZ, prior to moving to Tombstone, he worked occasionally in law enforcement. Then they moved to Tombstone. When the Marshal was killed, the city council appointed him as City Marshal on Oct. 30, 1880 until the next election took place. Then he was the Marshal from June 18, 1881 until Oct. 29, 1881, three days after the OK Corral gunfight when he and his deputy, Wyatt, resigned. During the gunfight, Virg was shot in the leg. Then on Dec. 28, 1881, he was ambushed, shot at by a shotgun and hit, leaving his left arm permanently crippled.

That didn't stop Virgil. He and Allie moved to Colton, CA, where he became the first Marshal there. In 1900 he was nominated to run for Sheriff of Yavapai County in AZ on the Republican ticket but due to poor health, he dropped out of the race. Virgil Walter Earp was working as a Deputy Sheriff in Esmaralda County, Nevada, when he died of pneumonia on Oct. 19, 1905.

He was buried at Riverview Cemetery, 8421 S.W. Macadam Ave., Portland Oregon.
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