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                                                                              Frank Stilwell
 Another member of the cowboy faction, and Deputy Sheriff of Cochise County under John Behan. Stilwell was arrested by the Earps and was charged along with Peter Spencer for the robbery of the Bisbee Stage. Stilwell was also accused by various sources of being involved in the shooting of Virgil Earp and the killing of Morgan Earp. Stilwell was killed by Wyatt Earp at the Tucson train depot while the Earp family was fleeing to California with an injured Virgil and the body of Morgan aboard. The train had stopped and everyone had left the train to get something to eat. Wyatt noticed Stilwell near the tracks and ran him down and shot him. Earp and his friends claimed that Stilwell was "laying for them" and Stilwell's friends claimed he was just there to meet a witness that was to testify at his trial for the Bisbee Stage Robbery. Wyatt and his party were charged with murder in the death, shortly after which they fled to Colorado.