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                                                             Pete Spencer

A member of the cowboy faction and suspect in the Bisbee Stage Robbery. Usually called "Spence", Spencer was also a suspect and charged in the death of Morgan Earp. Marietta Spencer, Pete's wife, testified as a prosecution witness that her husband had been acting very suspicously the day Morgan was killed and Pete had threatened to kill her if she told "what she knew". The case against Spencer in the murder of Morgan Earp was thrown out on lack of evidence, in large part because Marietta's testimony was ruled inadmissable. When Wyatt and friends went on their revenge hunt after Morgan's death, Spencer turned himself in to John Behan to be put in jail on protective custody. Wyatt's party never got their hand on Spencer. He would do time for various crimes after the Earps left Arizona, most notably of which was spending time in the Yuma Prison under Superintendent John Behan. Spencer would later change his name to Peter Ferguson and marry Fin Clanton's widow. He died in 1914.