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                                                                 John Ringo

                                                                       May 3, 1850- July  13, 1882
Johnny Ringo is one of the most famous outlaws in Old West history.

Much  false information  can be found on Ringo.  Here, we provide accurate and factual information on Johnny Ringo.

Link # 1 is primarily taken from the book: John Ringo: The Gunfighter Who Never Was, by Jack Burrows.

Burrows uses family records and documents as well as other historical info to give an accurate and complete accounting of the real Johnny Ringo. This bio is the complete history on Johnny.

Link # 2  is the bio, Johnny Ringo: The Gentleman Outlaw, by Christina Christensen .

This bio is more brief than link #1 and gives a good account of the gunfighter.

Johnny Ringo: Indepth Bio
Johnny Ringo: Brief Bio: The Gentleman Outlaw