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                              Morgan Earp Bio

                                                                          Morgan Earp

                                                                                 Morgan Earp

                                                                    April 24, 1851- March 18, 1882


Morgan Earp was born April 24, 1851 in Marian County, Iowa. The youngest of "Fighting Earps," he didn't travel as much as other brothers. He met Luisa Houston, granddaughter of Sam Houston and a Cherokee woman, in Dodge City in 1875. They lived in Butte, Montana until 1879. Morgan arrived in Tombstone in January 1880, having left Luisa behind. However, Morgan's name is not mentioned the June 1880 Tombstone census.

When arrived he worked as a shotgun messenger for Wells Fargo in Tombstone.

On October 26, 1881, he was shot in both shoulders during the gunfight at the OK Corral.

On March 18, 1882, Morgan was killed while playing pool at Campbell and Hatch's Saloon at the age of 30. A shot from the darkness shattered his spine.

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