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                                 Ike Clanton Bio

                                                                        Ike Clanton

Joseph Isaac Clanton
Born: 1847
Died: June 1, 1887

Ike made his living at the Clanton Ranch 20 miles east of Tombstone. The Clantons and Mclaury also were involved with rustling cattle. His Father Old Man Clanton was Murdered while on a "business trip" in Mexico. The Mexicans caught up to the Clanton party just after they crossed the US boder with a herd of liberated Mexican Cattle. Involment in cattle rustling was a big part of the bad blood between the Ike and the Earps, which had only just began.
Ike talked the talk but did not walk the walk. If you say that the "Cowboys" wanted to ride out of Tombstone on October 26th your probally right. Although Frank, Tom and the Billies disliked the Earps it is save to say that they did not want to fight them. Ike Clanton basically talked The Mclaury's and his younger brother to death. When the fight that his mouth started begun and his brother and friends were being killed he ran away screaming like a little girl. His friends had no choice, they stayed and died like men. Whether you support the Earps or the Cowboys you have to admire the bravery of all of the men who fought that afternoon. The Earps had to go and confront the man who was threatening there lives the night before, Billy Clanton and the Mclaury boys for sticking up for each other. Following the gunfight Ike would go on to file murder charges against the Earps not once but twice. He was party to the assasination attempt on Virgil Earp, he even left his hat at the scene of the crime. Ike had a great stroke of luck to be aquitted of attempted murder.

His luck would change in 1887 when he was killed by detective J.V. Brighton.

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