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                                                   John Clum
                                                        Mayor of Tombstone

Tombstone Profession:

Mayor of Tombstone

Editor of the Tombstone Epitaph
The quintesential frontier administrator. As an Indian agent, he dealt with great Apaches warriors like Geronimo and Naiche, son of Cochise. As mayor and editor of the Tombstone Epitaph, Clum had much to do in helping to foment the high levels of tension in Tombstone. After the streetfight and subsequent trial, Clum learned he was on a "deathlist" made up by the cowboy gang. In December 1881, Clum narrowly escaped what he considered an assasination attempt when highwaymen attempted to rob the stagecoach he was in.

Clum was always devoted to Wyatt Earp and defended Wyatt and his brothers. He was a life long friend to
 Wyatt Earp and was one of Earp's pallbearer's at his funeral.

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