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                            Suggested Reading:

 Listed  here are some of  the best books available that give information on Tombstone, the O.K. Corral
shootout, and the characters involved such as, Wyatt Earp, "Doc" Holliday, Johnny Ringo, and Ike

1). Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind The Legend,  Author:Casey Tefertiller, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
     N.Y. , N.Y. 1997

Excellent biography. This book is well researched and all the sources of information used are given. The
author included the writings of Forrestine Cooper Hooker, John Henry Flood, and other unpublished
manuscripts. A full compliment of other sources of information was used as well.

Best work available on Wyatt Earp and the O.K. Corral Shootout and aftermath.

As author Evan Connell stated, " Quite impressive. I doubt if there has been or will be a more deeply researched and convincing account."

To purchase this book:

2). John Ringo: The Gunfighter Who Never Was, Author: Jack Burrows, Publisher: Tucson:University
      Of Arizona Press, 1987

Excellent biography of Johnny Ringo. Well researched and the facts are clearly stated.  A great read to
know the true story of Johnny Ringo.

To purchase this book:

3). Undercover For Wells, Fargo: The Unvarnished Recollections Of Fred Dodge, Author: Carolyn Lake,
      Publisher:Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1969

Very interesting reading from someone who lived in Tombstone and witnessed much of everything that
occurred. Well written.

To purchase this book:

4). Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait,  Author:Karen Holliday Tanner, Publisher: University Of Oklahoma
     Press, Norman, Ok. 1998

This is extremely well written, easy to read, and well researched. The author, Karen Holliday Tanner, is
a distant cousin of the famous gunslinger. This book provides previously undisclosed family documents
and reminiscences as well as other primary sources.

"The definitive biography of this Wild West legend."- Roundup Magazine

To purchase this book:

5).  And Die In The West: The Story Of The O.K. Corral  Gunfight, Author: Paula Mitchell Marks,
       Publisher: University Of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Ok. 1989, 1994

This author writes from a viewpoint that the Earps broke as many laws as they upheld. And that the
Clantons and McLaury's weren't as bad as many have claimed. While I disagree with much of her
beliefs, she does present the argument from the "other" side. That alone makes it a good read.
It is well researched, but sometimes, Mrs. marks still goes with her own theories despite the
evidence at hand. if you want to read things from the Clanton or cowboy point of view, this book
is for you.

To purchase this book:

6).Tombstone's Epitaph,  Author: Douglas D. Martin

Tombstone was the site of the most famous gunfight in western history, the quarrel in the O.K. Corral, an event thoroughly covered by the town's newspaper, the Tombstone Epitaph. The news stories collected in this book are on-the-spot accounts and running news bulletins (including verbatim testimony) of the trial that followed.

To purchase this book:

Tombstone's Early Years,  Author: John Myers

  John Myers Myers has written the story of Tombstone's early years with painstaking research and commendable respect for verifiable records. The result is as gaudy as anyone could wish, but it probably comes as close to the whole truth about Tombstone, the Clanton gang, the Earps, and the bloody two-year reign of terror as any history of that time and place ever will.

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Numerous photos, documents, letters, receipts, court and city records, licenses of the boom town days. See what the buildings and the people looked like during the violent times.

To purchase this book:
A TENDERFOOT IN TOMBSTONE: The Private Journal of George Whitwell Parsons: The turbulent Years : 1880-82,

George Whitwell Parsons was an Easterner, trained as a banker, who wanted to carve a niche for himself in hardrock mining. To do so, he picked one of America’s most isolated silver camps, Tombstone in Arizona Territory. Although he failed to find his El Dorado in southeastern Arizona, and never left an enduring mark on the region, he presented a priceless account of everyday life in Tombstone during its heyday.

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