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What Ultimate in DIT is all about.:)

Well done lads ya did us proud in Sligo on and off the pitch:). It was a great weekend lots n lots of drunken fun, ha ha 2 whoever didnt go.

o some of our Sligo photos are at:

Upcoming Tournaments

BELFAST, March 18th to 20th Its a hat tournament so far i know Tall Paul, Mosey, Ciara(Sat nite n sun), Horse and have heard that Podge n Adam might be going(info courtesy of Tall Paul) so if ur thinkin of headin contact one of us n we can all arange 2 get de train 2gether:) come on were all on easter hols might aswell.


Dublin tournament Date: 9-10 April Format: Co-ed


Okies whoever was in Sligo saw our hoodies n it looks like yas like them, so were gonna order them for the team,but b4 we do it we need 25 orders cus they wont do any less. So if ya have any friends who want them they can order them 2. So email me if ya want them at

Click on Adam and Marks face to see the cork photos

Click the 3 hos to see the christmas party photos