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The 4th Stooge Evangelion Page

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HIYA! Well, I kinda got some stuff done. I got two more episodes typed up, but they aint here right now, so It'll be tomarrow. Also, I got "Spirited Away", "My Neighbor Totoro", and "The End of Evangelion" and amazingly I haven't seen the other two, but have watched Spirited Away like 12 times in the last four days. I even found out it came out and went tonight and saw it! Japanese is better, but the english verson explains a lot more and focus a lot more on the main charactors interaction. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!! its great. ANYWAY, I'll actually update this thing soon, so hold on.
Ok, so I changed the top pic, but it might get changed again soon depending on how I feel. My laptop is still a paper weight... I've also been watchin tons of other anime recently, and well, not much else. Whats the site of the update? that can stay for a while, he does some great stuff. I donno what my next one will be. ANYWAY, bye
Hey, its almost like an update! I got rid of the other old news to the old news folder, and you know that push I promised, IT HAPPENED. Now I just start typing, but I have a problem. The last two episodes are going to be hard to do, but before the end of the year is assured, bye now

Old News

Woah Buddy! I can't draw so there is no way I made this up. Evangelion is NOT mine, and is used because no one seems to care. They are all property of Gainax and maybe ADV and Sega, I'm not really sure.

And, If they do care... I'm sorry. Please don't sue as I have NO money. NONE at all. I could sell a car, but thats about all.