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Software Engineering Chp.4

1)The steps that a projects follows from start to finish is called its
A - track
B - path
C - process

2)In software engineering, managers focus on ___ while engineers focus on ___
A - process, product
B - product, process

3)The first step in the Capability Maturity Model to have a set process for software development is
A - 2
B - 3
C - 4

4)When software development is handled by a small group of senior engineers who work together without any formal management, this is called the
A - Managed Model
B - Technical Model
C - Capability Maturity Model

5)One measurment used in metrics to record the size of a project is
A - Disk space used to run program
B - Lines of Code in program
C - Disk space used to save executable program

6)Metrics can be used to
A - determine if a project schedule is reasonable
B - Determine how many resources a project might require
C - both of these