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File Structures 6.2

Answer each question T/F

1)Storage compaction writes over each deleted record when it is deleted.

2)File modifications can take three forms: Record addition, Record updating, or Record deletion.

3)When performing dynamic space reclamation, using a sequential search to find deleted records is the best method.

4)A variable-length buffer is a good choice for the avail list when deleting variable-length records.

5)A space that is not part of a record, but is so small that no record can fit there is wasted space. This is called internal fragmentation.

6)Using a linked list in dynamic space reclamation allows us to find empty slots and jump directly to them when adding records.

7)Placing a new record in the biggest memory space in the avail list is the best-fit placement strategy.

8)Wasted space within a record is called internal fragmentation.