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File Structures 4.2-4.5

Answer each question T/F

1)We can use C++ classes to encapsulate the pack, unpack, read, and write operations of buffer objects.

2)Delimiters are used with fixed-length records.

3)Inheritance allows multiple classes to share the members of methods of their base class.

4)DelimitedField and LengthField classes would both be subclasses of a FixedLength class.

5)In a Fixed Length setup each field is the same size in every record.

6)The read method of the object does not need to know the size of the field in a fixed length buffer class.

7)A buffer object, once set up, can be used to open, create, read from, and write to files.

8)It is possible for a buffer object, once created, to use different schemes to seperate fields withing records.