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In My Heart


I long to be
with Jesus and His Mother,
the angels and saints
and with my loved ones.
My heart is sadden to
see all the people who have
lost their lives
either by floods, hurricances,
fires, 9-11, or
the war, also the brutal killings
even by family members.
In my heart I feel Jesus
is trying very hard to have more
followers. He is sadden that people
have not come to Him.
To worship Him and praise Him.
If people continue to
go astray and not
follow Jesus, I hate to see
what is ahead of us.
In my heart I am both sad and happy.
I am sad cause I have no mate.
Jesus, I guess thinks
its best for me
I am happy cause I do have friends
and made so many friends on the internet
I can not forget my precious animals.
They are my life and family.
In my heart, my dear friends is
love and hope that
you will spread the love to all
God bless.
10/26/04 Coco
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