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Welcome to Rob's Homepage

As you probably guessed from the large text at the top of this page, my name is Rob. Above is a picture of me in front of the IRS building in Washington, D.C., taken shortly after I bounced a check to them (don't worry Mom, I've taken care of it since then).

On this site you will find my resume and statement of professional philosophy, which you may browse through at your leisure. Unfortunately, I am not funny or entertaining in any way, so if funny and entertaining is what you're looking for, click here.

I am planning on graduating from Adams State College at the end of this semester (although I've said this before) and will be on the hunt for a job in radio, television or film, specifically in the area of audio production.

If you would like some of my sample production work or just feel compelled to hire me on the spot, please email me at Thanks for stopping by!