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babe3_chic babe3_chicon the avenue
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  • nicole
  • italian [light complexion]
  • single;but got my EYE on this GUY...haha it rhymes... =D
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  • '91; twelve
  • ghetto malachy; seven-er
  • new notes! **in no special order** seven-ers [karen.aynah.angelica.rochelle.julia.melissa.liana.malone. ♥ martin.tyler.xavier.gabe.toby.mary.danelle.michelle.jessica c.jessica i.] eight-ers [joselle.kathleen.angelica [mendoza].joyce.ginhette...more to name but WAYYY too lazy...basically everyone in mrsjoyces CLASS] **comin soon** Thoughts from: the present on 01.05.04 @ 6.21pm babe3_chic wrote: ---FIRST DAY OF SCHOOOL...noooooo...well it wasnt THAT bad... actually it was really funn seeing everyone again... =) i missed them alot! =)haha school was kinda borin ... didnt have math tooday 'cause itt took a long time to settle down in our new seat and crap... then french...well it sukked as usual... then english...not to excitin either but we had to predictwhat will happen in 2004...that was kinda funn...then after lunch... history!!! itwas fun 10/10 on my timeline ...YaY...well anyways then we had gym & did headstands and basketball...HAHAHAHA i got hit on the head with a basketball & it hurt a LOT!!!well thats all for now k---


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