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Personal  Page

Welcome to my Resume


Aubury L. Holmes 


Prepare For A Career In Business By Earning a B.B.A in Finance with a Minor in Mathematics and Through Various Student Work Experiences in Business


¨      Graduated Urbana High School June, 2002 with a 4.0 Weighted GPA

¨      Currently Attending James Madison University

Work Experience:

¨      Hostess at Frederick Olive Garden (Summer 2003 and Winter Break 2003/2004)

¨      Server at Champions Sports Bar and Billiards (Winter Break 2002/2003)

¨      Cashier at Ben Franklin Craft Store (2001 & 2002)

¨      Experienced Baby-sitter

Honors and Awards:

¨      Three Year Member of National Honors Society

¨      Meritorious Service Award

¨      Member of National Thespian Society

¨      Girl Scouts Program Aide Certificate

Leadership Activities:


¨      Habitat for Humanity Club President

¨      Habitat for Humanity Club Treasurer

High School

¨      Four Year Member of the Student Government Association

¨      Member of the Junior Class and Senior Class Club

¨      Church Youth Group Leader and  Member of the Youth Choir

¨      Four Year Field Hockey Coach for Girls 10-14 Years Old

¨      Two Year Assistant Basketball Coach for Girls 8-14 Years Old

Extracurricular Activities:


¨Habitat for Humanity Club

¨Homecoming Committee 

¨Student Duke Club

¨Basketball Three-On-Three

High School

¨Habitat for Humanity

¨Four Year Indoor and Outdoor Urbana Women’s Lacrosse Player (Varsity Letter)

¨      Two High School Drama Spring Musicals

¨      Three Year Indoor and Outdoor Urbana Women’s Field Hockey Player (Varsity Letter)

¨      Traveled Throughout the United States and Internationally to Seven Countries

¨      Basketball Player for Urbana’s Freshmen Women’s Team

¨      Four Year Basketball Player in Local Coed Church League

¨      Senior Girl Scout Member

¨      Member of Fellowship for Christian Athletes and Young Life Clubs

¨      Member of the Student Service Learning Club



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