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  Welcome to my home page.

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    I have published only one web page about Best Beach Resorts. You can visit it by activating the red pin labeled "To the Beach". I hope you enjoy it. Any comment will be appreciated in my e-mail.

    To publish my web page in Angelfire, I have followed the steps in the guide from the Table of Contents for lesson 12:

    It was not especially difficult to create and publish my first web page. The only problem was that the exclamation mark in my title disappeared. No matter how many times I deleted the sign and I created again I could not fix the problem. The little mermaid in the second link is not center. Who knows why not! And when I tried my links, my e-mail link seemed not to work (I think it was a problem with the computer because I have received e-mail fine from both e-mail links, the text and the mail box.)




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