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3rd Brigade

....."Essayons"-Let Us Try.....

Region 1 Advisor- Col. Navarro

3rd Brigade Advisor- LTC McFarland
    Brigade Staff
    Commander- C/Col Covarrubias
    Executive Officer- C/Ltc Diaz
    Seargent Major-C/CSGM Beardsley
    S1-C/2lt Saldana
    P.A.O.-C/Msg Cebellos
    S3-C/Maj Delgadillo
    S4-C/Sgt Woods

    Battalions Assigned

Cadet Knowledge             Resources
Leadership Traits and Principles              Make a Roster

Leadership Knowlegde                            Cadence
Basic Knowledge                                   This months event(s)
Cadet Ranks                                         Past events 2001/2002
First Aid                                               2001/2002 Training schedule
The American Flag
Cadet Awards and Decorations
Map reading

..Coming soon! 3rd brigade promotions page..

Cadet Links

cadet gear
uniform gear
Pioneer Cadet Web Site
Official cadet corps web page                            Cadet Mailing list

Welcome to the official 3rd Brigade Cadet Corps web site. This site was designed to give the public an insight on the California Cadet Corps and to give a resource of knowledge for current cadets. If you have any questions please use the e-mail address below. Also, if you want us to put something on this page, tell us what it is and we'll put it on!

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