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27th ATG

Condensed History

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     The 27th Air Transport Group, the Workhorse of the 302nd Transport Wing was activated in April 1943 at Heston Airfield under the 8th Airforce Service Command. The 86th and the 87th Air Transport Squadrons in the 519th and 520th Service Squadrons were assigned to it. The 27th ATG also operated out of other bases such as Heston, Hendon, Langford Lodge, St. Mawgan, North Holt, and Grove. The group moved to France in 1944, First at LeBourget and then to Villacobuly near Paris. The 311th squadron moved to Istres in southern France at this time.
     After D-Day the group flew mainly transport missions and set many records for hauling cargo. The group transported passengers, nurses, mail, blood plasma, whole blood, combat crews, freight, gasoline, (for General Patton on his dash across France), tires, belly tanks, tank racks, bombs, amunition, army generals, POWs, and moved the 9th Air Force to France and evacuated the wounded from field hospitals to the general hospitals in the UK.
      The wing earned a commendation for carrying critically needed equipment to forward areas during the battle of the Bulge. The group participated in and earned battle stars for the Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes and Central Europe campaigns.