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- Organizational Reform in Operations and Procedures

- Neighborhood Partnerships for Community-based Anti Crime Programs

- Education, Training and Benefits.


This is the foundation of our four-point program. Every policeman must show respect and basic courtesy to every citizen, especially the common tao.


Action requires visible policeman enforcing the law to the fullest. Every policeman will have a specific responsibity, doing it in a specific place and at a specific time. He will be made accountable for any failure int the delivery of police services to the people in this area of responsiblity.


All police staions must make an enventory of all unsolved cases within the last three(3) years including the arrest wanted persons.


PNP Commanders will lead the organization by example. They should be the examplars of what a policeman should be: Physically, Menatalyy and Morally fit the job. Every Commander must ensure that all policemen shall be proud to wear the uniform of PNP.