handmade jewelry

About the Wire

14k Gold-filled:
This wire is made by layering 14k gold over a base material, usually
jeweler's brass. 
The layer of gold in 14/20 gold-filled wire is about 100 times thicker than gold plate. 
It is a lifetime product for most people.  Since everything touching your skin is 14k gold, only people with extreme sensitivity generally have any allergic reactions to this metal, unlike gold-plate.

Sterling Silver:
We also use Sterling Silver wire in our jewelry.  Sterling silver is mostly
silver with a small amount of other metal to increase it's strength.  Our chains and earrings are mostly made with Sterling.

Argentium Silver:
This is a new mix of Silver with Germanium instead of copper.  It has the same amount of silver in the mix, but because of the Germanium, it resists tarnishing.  All of our pendants, bracelets and rings are now made with this silver. 

Karat Gold:
We can do special orders in 14k yellow and white gold.   

We state what wire is used in the description of all of our pieces.
We are currently using only 14/20 gold-filled and Sterling silver.