purple tape

released 1992

this is the first solo album lisa did, but before she was signed and, obviously, before tails. lisa is releasing this very soon as a CD, which is very exciting :) four songs made it onto tails, and one onto firecracker, but the others are now just relics of lisa's discography, i guess. there's just one song i don't like: airplanes... one of a very few songs of hers that actually annoys me! in all, though, since i am a huge fan of acoustic versions of songs, i love this album. it has helped me figure out the guitar parts since i can hear them much clearer than on tails where the rest of the band is playing. this album (like all her others!) gets a big A+!


train songs
come back home + explanation
it's over
this + explanation
days were different
guessing game
do you sleep?

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