hello lisa

released oct 2002

this album has 8 songs from cake and pie and 3 new ones, did that, what am i supposed to say, and take me back. it was released on artemis records, lisa's new label. the artwork is obviously from hello kitty, with which lisa is, shall we say, obsessed. her collection of hello kitty items is extensive, to say the least :) since she couldn't release the same album (cake and pie) under a new label, she took off a few songs (but why kickstart, it was one of the best?!) and added a few. i was sort of disappointed to see so few new songs, knowing that lisa must have others in the vaults she could have revived. oh well, i was just happy to get a new lisa album and really love the 3 new songs, which remind me of her older, less mainstream stuff. if you haven't yet, buy it! it's fantastic ;)


did that + explanation
you don't know me
drops me down
the way it really is
bring me up
what am i supposed to say?
someone you should know
take me back

lisa also released an ep of an alternate version (her original version) of underdog along with the 3 new songs from hello lisa (excluding the acoustic version of what am i supposed to say). this is only available in the merchandise section of her website. here is a pic of the cover (click for a larger version):

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