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First Place is a Christ Centered Health Program. The diet portion is based on Diabedic Exchanges which all these recipes contain. For more information on First Place, visit


          Appetizers            Seafood
          Breakfast             Pork
          Breads/Sandwiches     Chicken
          Salads                Pasta
          Soups/Chili           Beef                    
          Side Dishes           Desserts
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Most of these recipe's have been tried by our First Place
Class and are our favorites. Enjoy!!!


No Fat Pumpkin Bread

          6 tsp Sugar & 30 pkg equal	      2 tsp baking soda
          1 can (16oz) Pumpkin	              1 tsp baking powder
          1 cup unswetened Applesauce	      1/2 tsp salt
          1/2 cup egg substitute              1/2 tsp allspice
          3-1/3 cup flour                     1/2 cup raisins
          2 tsp ground cinnamon	              1 tsp baking Healthy (fat subitute)

          1.  In a mixing bowl, combine the sugar, pumpkin, applesauce, 
              egg and baking Healthy.   
          2.  Combine the flour, cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, 
              salt and allspice.
          3.  Gradually add the flour mixture to the pumpkin mixture until
              smooth and add raisins.
          4.  Pour into two 8in.x4x2 loaf pans coated with nonstick cooking
              spray and bake for 50-60min or until knief comes out clean 
              when poked through the center. 
              Make two loafs: 14 slices each
              Serving size:   1 slice
              Calories:       67
              Exchanges:      1-1/2 Starch

Soup & Chili

Spicy Chili

            1/2 lbs ground sirloin                 1/2 cup Kidney beans (rinsed)
            salt & pepper & onion power to taste   1/2 pinto beans (rinsed)
            cayanne pepper to taste                2 small cans tomato juice
            1 cup Mexican stewed tomatoes          1 serving of baked tostitos chips 

            1.  In skillet, brown meat.  Add salt, pepper, onion power and
                cayanne pepper to taste.
            2.  In larger pot, add tomatoes, beans, tomato juice and meat.                
            3.  Simmer for 1 to 2 hours or until beans are tender.  Serves 2.
                Serving Size 1 
                Exchanges: 2 meats
                           1/2 Bread
                           1/2 veggie
                Total Cal: 350 aprox.

Side Dishes

Twice-Baked Potatoes

            1 lg (6oz)baking potatoe        dash onion powder
            1 Tbs fat free cream cheese     salt to taste
            1 Tbs fat free sour cream       pepper to taste
            1/2 Tbs diet butter (no fat)    1 slice fat free cheese
                           ** sprinkle with paprika**

            1.  Preheat oven to 500.  Wash potatoe and sprinkle with salt.
                Wrap in foil, stab a few holes into foil and potatoe, and
                toss in the oven for about 60-90 min or until tender.
            2.  Unwrap potatoe and cut in half
                Scoop flesh from potatoe into a medium bowl, reserving
                the skin.  Add cream cheese, sour cream, onion salt,
                salt, pepper, and butter to the flesh.
            3.  Beat with electric mixer until smooth and creamy.
                Reduce oven temp to 350.
            4.  Spoon potato mixture into potato skins.  Sprinkle with 
                cheese and paprika.  Bake until cheese melts and potatoes
                are heated through; about 10 min.  Serves 2.
                Serving Size 1/2 Potato 
                Exchanges: 1 Bread
                           1/2 meat (cheese)
                Total Cal: 150


Grilled Chicken Wraps


            4 5-ounce boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded thin 
            2 tablespoons (30 ml) fresh lemon juice 
            2 teaspoons (10 ml) crushed dried oregano 
            vegetable cooking spray 
            4 slices peeled sweet onion 
            4 6-inch pita bread rounds 
            1.  Light a grill or start a charcoal fire. Preheat oven to 300F. 
            2.  Brush chicken breasts on both sides with lemon juice. 
                Sprinkle with oregano. 
            3.  Remove grill top and lightly coat with cooking spray. 
                Return to grill and arrange chicken breasts and onion  
                slices on top of grill. Cook, turning once, for 5 to 6 
                minutes per side, until chicken juices run clear when 
                prodded with a tip of a sharp knife. 
            4.  Onion slices should take about 3 to 4 minutes per side. 
                Transfer onions to a carving board and cut into strips. 
                When chicken is done; transfer to carving board and cut into
                1/2-inch strips. Keep warm. 
            5.  Warm pita the oven for a few minutes until pliable, but not 
                crisp. Place the chicken and onion strips on the center of 
                each bread piece and roll up. 4 Servings

                Per serving (sauce not included): 328 calories (9% calories from fat),
                39 g protein, 3 g total fat (0.7 g saturated fat), 36 g carbohydrates,
                5 g dietary fiber, 82 mg cholesterol, 415 mg sodium

                Exchanges: 4 very lean protein
                           2 1/2 bread
               Recipe is the Copyright  of Diabetic-Lifestyle. 
                 For more recipes visit  Diabetic-Lifestyle.Com

Skillet Chicken, Mushrooms & Onions

             1/4 cup Flour	                        1 tbs tomato paste
             3 tsp paprika	                        1 tsp dried herbes
             1/4 tsp salt 	                        2(8oz)pkg Portebello mushrooms
             4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves	1 cup quarter white onions
             1/2 cup dry white wine

             1.  In large resealable food storage plastic bag, combine flour,
                 paprika and salt; mix well.  Add chicken to bag; seal. 
                 Shake to coat chicken.
             2.  Heat pan with non-stick spray and add coated chicken. 
                 Cook chicken about 9 min, turning once.
             3.  Add dry white wine (cooking wine) tomato paste and herbs; 
                 blend well.  Stir in mushrooms and onions.  Reduce heat; 
                 cover and simmer 20 to 25 min or until chicken is fork 
                 tender and juices run clear, stirring once.  Uncover; 
                 cook 3 to 5 uin or until sauce is slightly thickened.
                 Servings= 4
                 Calories= 225
                 Exchanges=1/2 Starch
                           1-1/2 Veg
                           4 lean meats


Pasta & Shrimp

            1/2 lbs Shrimp (cooked)          4 oz of thin spagetti
            2 cups Mexican Stewed Tomatoes   1 Tbs of diet butter (no fat) 
            2 garlic cloves crushed       

            1.  Preheat pan with butter and garlic.  Wash shrimp and cut 
                tails off. Toss in pan.             
            2.  Boil water in medium sauce pan with a little salt.
            3.  Cook shrimp until done (not too done or it will be rubbery.
                Add tomatoes, cover and simmer.  Until pasta is done.
            4.  Drain pasta, return to pan and add shrimp.  Mix well or 
                keep pasta seperate and top with shrimp mixture.  Serves 2
                Serving Size 1/2 
                Exchanges: 2 meat
                           4 breads
                Total Cal: 430 aprox.

All American Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

         8 oz Ground 90% lean turkey or Beef
         1/2 c Finely chopped onion
         1 3/4 c (15 oz) Hunts tomato sauce
         3/4 c Water
         1/2 c (2.5 oz jar) sliced undrained mushrooms
         2 t Splenda
         1 1/2 t Italian seasoning
         2 c Hot cooked spaghetti rinsed & drained
         1/4 c (3/4 oz) Kraft fat-free Parmesan cheese

         1.  In a large skillet sprayed with olive-oil flavored cooking spray,
             brown meat and onion. Stir in tomato sauce, water and undrained
             mushrooms. Add Splenda and Italian seasoning. Mix well to combine. 
         2.  Lower heat and simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally. 
             For each serving, place 1/2 cup spaghetti on plate, spoon 
             a full 3/4 cup sauce over spaghetti, and sprinkle 1 T fat-free 
             Parmesan cheese on top.Serves 4 

             Exchanges: 2 vegetable
                        1 starch
                        2 meat
             Calories: 241 per serving


Better Than Candy Pie

          1 c (1 medium) diced banana
          1 (6 oz) Keebler chocolate-flavored pie crust
          1/4 c (1 oz) chopped dry-roasted peanuts
          1 pk (4 serving) JELL-O sugar-free instant butterscotch pudding mix
          2/3 c Carnation nonfat milk
          1 1/4 c Water
          2 T Peter Pan reduced-fat Peanut Butter
          3/4 c Cool Whip Lite
          2 (2.5 oz) Nabisco Chocolate Graham Crackers, made into crumbs

          1.  Layer bananas in bottom of pie crust. Sprinkle 2 T peanuts 
              over bananas. 
          2.  In a large bowl, combine dry milk powder, pudding mix, and 
              water. Mix with wire whisk well. 
          3.  Blend in peanut butter until mixture is smooth. 
          4.  Pour pudding mixture evenly over bananas and peanuts. 
              Refrigerate 5 minutes. 
          5.  Spread Cool Whip Lite evenly over set filling. 
          6.  In a small bowl, combine remaining 2 T. peanuts and cracker crumbs. 
              Evenly sprinkle mixture over top of pie. Refrigerate at least
              1 hour. Cut into 8 servings.

          HINT: To prevent bananas from turning brown, mix with 1 tsp. 
                lemon juice or sprinkle with Fruit Fresh. Serves 8 
              Exchanges: 2 starch
                         1 fat
              217 calories

Peanut Butter Dream Pudding

           1 pk (4 oz) JELL-O sugar-free Instant chocolate pudding
           2/3 c Carnation Nonfat Dry Milk
           1 1/2 c Water
           2 T Peter Pan reduced-fat Peanut butter
           1/4 c Cool Whip Free
           1 c (1 medium) diced bananas
           6 (2 1/2") Keebler Peanut Butter Graham Crackers, made into large crumbs

           1.  In a large bowl, combine dry pudding mix, dry milk powder
               and water. Mix well using a wire whisk. 
           2.  Blend in peanut butter and Cool Whip Lite. Stir in bananas and cracker 
               crumbs. Evenly spoon mixture into 4 dessert dishes. Refrigerate at 
               least 10 minutes.   Serves 4 
               Exchanges: 1 starch
                          1/2 milk 
                          1/2 fat
                          1/2 fruit
               208 calories

If you would like to add a recipe or have any
comments, e-mail me!!!!!
Please include the exchanges and calories per serving.

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