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Welcome to Our Family Page!!

We hope you can stay awhile and meet all the family. Eight of us total our pictures start with the oldest and work to the youngest.

Cody and his fiance' Erin

Ethane my grandchild

Ryan Anthony Hale

Amanda Faye Hale

Christian Micheal Hale

Justin Cates Hale

Dannielle Leigh Hale

David Eugene Hale Jr.

Teddy Lynn Hale

We also have a ton of animals and we have rounded up all we can get pictures of!!!

Rascal Hale

Rowdy Hale

Stormy Hale

George Hale

Sugar Hale

Shadow Hale

Goattee Hale

Sassy Hale

Squirt Hale

Those who refused to appear are our goldfish they are hiding in the mud for the winter, and our two outside cats, Simba and Drizella. If we get the chance we will add those later.We are also very proud of our home. It's very large but with all these kids, cats, dogs and goldfish we needed a big place. It was a rental when we bought it so it was pretty run down. We have put alot of work into in. And entire redecorate and some construction on a new deck and we turned the garage into a castle room.



Christian and Justin's room

Ryan's Room

Castle Room

Castle Room

Downstairs Bath

Teddy's Room

Upstairs Bath

Amanda and Danni's Room

My Studio


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