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The Disaster in Liverpool Bay



Conspiracy and Lies

These pages are most respectfully dedicated to the 162 men who lost their lives whilst serving on or performing their duties in connection with His Majesties Submarine Thetis / Thunderbolt.

In 1999 - the very last year of the millenium saw the 60th anniversary of the tragic and controversial loss of the Birkenhead built submarine Thetis in Liverpool Bay, 13 miles off Great Ormes Head in Llandudno, North Wales. She sank during her sea trials taking with her 99 souls.

This is indeed tragic in itself, until we find that the incident spawned a second disaster, when a salvage diver was killed trying to raise her from the sea bed....the 100th soul....

When Thetis was raised after delayed and failed rescue attempts, she was returned to her home at Cammel Laird - Birkenhead, for refitting and subsequent renaming to sail into war as HMS Thunderbolt, only to die a second death on June 2nd, 1943 - four years and a day since her original fatefull dive in Liverpool bay.....

"I bide my time"


His Majesties Submarine Thetis
Secrets & Scandal.

His Majesties Submarine Thunderbolt
Death of a Submarine.

The Men Who Lost Their Lives Aboard HMS Thetis / Thunderbolt

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