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The Tragic Loss of the Submarine Kursk

The Oscar-class nuclear-powered cruise missile attack submarine KURSK left her base on 12th August 2000 at her purpose was Northern Fleet training exercises in the Barents Sea. She was under the command of Captain 1st Rank Gennadiy P. Liachin accompanied by 118 members of crew.

At 08:51 a.m. on the morning of 12.08.2000, the Captain requested and recieved permission for an educational night torpedo attack at periscope depth approximately 25 meters, the main target of her torpedo attack was a large group of surface ships lead by the Heavy Nuclear Missile Cruiser PETR VELIKIY which lay about 30 miles from KURSK.

According to information recieved by the Norwegian Siesmic Array Team (NORSAR) there were two explosions detected at approximately 69o38'North 37o19'East measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale.

The submarine hit the ocean floor at a point 45 miles off the Kola Peninsula, taking with her 119 souls. The mysterious question on everyones lips is "why did she sink, and why did it take so very long to raise any attempt at rescue?"

"O Holy Spirit, who didst brood, Upon the waters dark and rude, and bid their angry tumult cease. O hear us when we cry to Thee - For those in peril on the sea. "

William Whiting, 1825-78

SSGN (K141) Kursk
Technical Specifications.

The Events Leading To The Loss Of The Kursk
Death Of A Submarine.

The Raising Of The Kursk
Mysteries of the Deep.

The Men Who Lost Their Lives Aboard Submarine KURSK
Role of Honour

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