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Shay and Mikie: Memories

Shay and Mikie


Why Memories? Because they are beautiful, Photographs too, they speak a million words.
These memories, photos, and other things, are very dear to me, Pictures and things from a time of great happiness, pictures and things of a great love. This love and these memories will live on forever... In my heart.

Notes: Some of the pictures may be of a poor quality due to my scanner deciding to be mean.


Pictures: Shay, Mikie, Together

Mementos: Various Mementos

Pictures: Shay

Baby Shay - Baby me with a "Mini-mullet." Don't I just look terrified or something?

Cute baby Shay - Darn I was cute, People say my looks haven't changed much from then to now.

Chibi Shay - A Chibi me, I used to love that shirt cause it had chipmunks on it.

Shay and her Chao - Mikie's Grandma made me that Chao doll, I love it and still have it.

Shay, Toothy - Taken at Mikie's cousin's birthday party at Chuck-e-cheese's.

Shay and Zeus - Mikie's mom's cat Zeus back when he was a kitten in 2002, He was my bestest bud, I love him a lot.

Sitting and Smiling - Taken right before I left California from my 2002 trip, the second time I visited, And I'd stayed for 6 months! I love the fuzzy jacket, Mikie's Grandma got it for me for Christmas

Sitting and Smiling Again - Sitting on my bag, just smilin'.

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Pictures: Mikie

Mikie, Living room - Taken 2001 in Mikie's Grandma's Living room, He was sitting on the couch, me on the floor.. taking pictures of him as always.

Mikie, Really Cute - I love that smile, I took this out in the backyard, 2001.

Mikie, Cute - I just love that cute face. This was also taken at Lexie's birthday at Chuck-e-cheese's, Grandma was the one manning the camera.

Mikie and a Shovel - Cute happy pose, But he's holding a shovel and looks as if he's gonna bash someone with it. Taken in the backyard, 2001.

Volvo - Mikie smiling, With Susie's old volvo in the background before she totalled it, Mikie's mom is barely visible in this picture, Again this was taken by me 2001.

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Pictures: Together

Bryan, Shay, Mikie, Ben - 2001. Mikie's friend Bryan, Me and Mikie, and Bryan's brother Ben, And their sister Dia was the one taking the pictures. This was at Bryan's house before they moved.

Mikie and Shay, Cute - Just us, looking cute.

Shay and Ben - Mikie's still in this picture somewhat, Man was my hair messy.

Sweetness - We look so cute.. *sigh*

Gropage - That smile on Mikie's face! And poor Ben standing back there all alone XD

Shay and Mikie, 2nd - Taken from my 2002 trip there, my second trip... We were at the bus station, waiting for my bus.

Beach - 2002. Picture of Mikie and I in San Franscisco, It was a cloudy windy day, kind of rainy... but just being there with him was wonderful.

Beach 2 - I think we asked some guy to take the pictures for us, I think so but I can't remember exactly. I do remember there was this cute doggy there at the beach, And Mikie used a Fart Bomb in the Trashcan on the sidewalk.

Kissing - 2001, Kissing in the backyard, Bryan took the picture.

My favorite Picture - And lastly, My favoritest picture in the whole wide world... Taken 2001 in Mikie's Grandma's Family room... Gosh I was happy, And Mikie is so very cute.

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Card 01 - 2001, Mikie gave these two cards to me the night I was leaving, We were at San Luis Obispo. I think I remember.. he told me to shoo and he sat in the car for a moment then came out and gave me this little yellow envelope with the cards in it... Really sweet.

Card 02 - *sigh* Really sweet.

Movie Tickets - Various movie tickets that I managed not to lose. I think we saw I Spy in 2002, the other two were this year (2003).

Mikie's Letter - Mikie wrote me a letter, and I still have it. Can't remember if he wrote me this in 2001 or 2002, I think 2001?

Going, Ticket 01 - My ticket from 2001 when I first went to visit Mikie.

Leaving, Ticket 01 - My ticket from 2001 when I was leaving for back home.

Leaving, Ticket 02 - My ticket from 2002 when I was leaving California, I would've had my ticket from 2002 when I was GOING to California but if I remember correctly the Bus Driver took my Transfer ticket AND the Receipt & Itinerary.

Going, Ticket 03 - My ticket from 2003 when I was going to visit him again.

Leaving, Ticket 03 - And my ticket from 2003 when I was going back home to Colorado.

And so, I think that is all for now, I would've scanned more pictures of my beloved Mikie but My scanner just wouldn't cooperate with me any longer. These are my memories, mementos, I'll hold onto them forever. I leave you with a poem I wrote a long while back.


Though I sing my heartache
I must appologize for every mistake I make
The ones I made
Everything I said
The games I played
Lay the ghosts down to rest
I'm done playing
I'll give it my best now
One shot
You're all I got
I'm never giving in, never letting go
I want you to know
I'm here for you
Never turn my shoulder
As the days pass and we get older
You'll someday find that you're always in my heart
Always on my mind

I'll smile, even if I don't feel like it
I'll do it for you
I'll be happy, if it makes you feel the same
Love may be a game
But win or lose I can't complain
I'm glad you came into my life either way
Though I'd be happier to see you stay
Though you're slipping through my arms
I'll stay anyway if I can protect you from any harm

You saved me
We loved
We drove eachother crazy
And now through a vision, hazy
I'll stay in this storm
I will not run
Until I find you

Your troubles pain me
But plainly
Clear to see
I will love you for all eternity
The world is what you mean to me
and I'd give my life for your safety
Whenever you feel empty
Think of me please
When you've fallen to your knees
Think of me please
I support you
Think of me please
I hope my smile will put you at ease
It pains me
To see you this way
But everyday I'll love you anyway
Forever, I'm here to stay.

I'll love you forever Mikie.
"Don't let go"