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American Civil War Living History & Battle Re-enactment 
With Co H 2nd US Sharpshooters

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The 1st regiment, U.S.S.S, when recruited
and reporting for duty had 1,392 men.


Men From

Commanded By

Company "A" New York (mostly Swiss nationality.) Capt. Casper Trepp
Company "B" New York Capt. Stephen Martin
Company"C" Michigan Capt. Benjamin Duesler
Company"D" New York Capt. George S. Tuckerman
Company"E" New Hampshire Capt. Amos B. Jones
Company"F" Vermont Capt. Edmund Weston
Company"G" Wisconsin Capt. Edward Drew
Company"H" NewYork Capt.George B.Hastings
Company"I" Michigan Capt.A.M Willett
Company"K" Michigan Capt. S.J Mather

Battle losses were: MA -153, or 10.9%, Total MA or wounded -546.

The 2nd Regiment, U.S.S.S, when recruited
and reporting for duty had 1,178 men.

The commanding Officer of the regiment was Colonel Henry A.V Post.


Men from

Commanded by

Company"A" Minnesota Capt.Francis Peteler.


Michigan Capt. Andrew B.Stuart.
Company"C" Pennsylvania Captain W. Dewey
Company"D" Maine Capt. James B.Fassenden
Company"E" Vermont Capt.Homer Stoughton
Company"F" New Hampshire Capt. Henry M.Caldwell
Company"G" New Hampshire Capt.William D.McPherson.
Company"H" Vermont Capt. Gilbet Hart.

Battle losses were: KIA-125, or 10.6%, Total MA and wounded-462.



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