16 W: The Avalanche Movie

16 W: The Colorado Avalanche Story

It was only a matter of time before Hollywood hopped on the hockey bandwagon! Kevin Costner is directing a movie for Universal Pictures about our favorite team, the Colorado Avalanche, and the path to their Stanley Cup win. Judging from the title, the story will center around Ray Bourque, but early press says that it will focus on the whole team. This could be really cool if Costner does it right. It's supposedly going to be filmed on location here in Denver, Colorado.

We'll be keeping track of all info we hear about this movie. Keep checking back, we'll update frequently! And if you have anything to contribute, send us an e-mail.

10/20/01 Two big news items today! 16 W finally has a Rob Blake and Stephane Yelle! Blake will be played by Owen Wilson, and Yelle as the rumors hinted, will be played by Vince Vaughn. They have been added to the casting list below. Still no Scott Parker or Steven Reinprecht.

10/14/01 A rumor claims that Val Kilmer may be dropping out due to conflicts over the script and that Brad Pitt has expressed interest in the role of Peter Forsberg. This could be interesting. Also, Vince Vaughn is supposedly being considered for Stephane Yelle.

10/7/01 An annonymous source sent us this e-mail from 16 W. We haven't been able to confirm it as being true, but thought we'd post it anyway. Remember, scripts are likely to change before being filmed so if this is real, it might not even make it into the film:
There is a scene where Patrick Roy lets in alot of goals and is generally not playing well. He gets really mad after one goal and he shoves the net really hard and breaks his stick. The refs blow the whistle, and Hartley calls for a time-out and sends Aebischer in, which makes Roy even more mad. He skates to the bench and says "How dare you take me out of the game, coach!" Hartley replies, "You took yourself out of the game, Patrick. Get off the ice." Roy then stomps into the locker room.

08/22/01 Shjon Podein has been cast! The rumors were all wrong this time, Erin Brockovich's Aaron Eckhart has landed the role and we have to say, the likeness is amazing! He has been added to the casting list below.

08/20/01 Zap2It had a small story about Seann William Scott and his role in 16:W:
"Dude, Where's My Car's Seann William Scott has had a big summer, with roles in the highly anticipated (and as of press time, box office smash) "American Pie 2", "Evolution" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." Scott's next role will be a small one, Universal's Kevin Costner directed hockey picture "16 W: The Colorado Avalanche Story." Scott will join the star-studded cast (which includes Mel Gibson, Val Kilmer and Dennis Quaid) in the role of a Czech defenseman named Martin Skoula. Hardly sounds like his past blockbusters, but Scott was excited about the part. "I love sports and have wanted to do a sports movie for a long time. And I would be crazy to turn down the chance to work with guys like Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson! I haven't played ice hockey, but after I signed on to play, Martin (Skoula) called me and we talked for awhile. He's a really cool guy and is going to give me some pointers."

08/4/01 Seann William Scott, of "American Pie" and "Dude, Where's My Car?" has stepped in to play Martin Skoula. They look alike, but can Scott pull off a dramatic role the way that Phillipe can, or even a Czech accent? Time will tell. Skoula's role will likely not be a large one, but we'd hate for it to be cut down because of the loss of Ryan Phillipe.

07/31/01 Casting change! Ryan Phillipe has dropped out of 16 W due to a schedule conflict, adding Martin Skoula to the list of uncast Avs.

06/6/01 News has been slow in coming about 16 W, making people wonder if it exists at all. The latest news is that they are still looking for a Yelle, Parker, Blake and Podein and may go with total unknowns.

05/19/01 Rumor is that 16 W will not be released to the theatres, but will play on HBO instead, like the recent baseball movie 61* Some people find this news disappointing, but we think it will be pretty cool since cable would give them plenty of time for the story. But, it might mean that some of the big stars like Gibson and Damon will drop out.

05/15/01 Dan Ackroyd has signed to play Pierre Lacroix. (We can't find a photo of Lacroix, even on the Colorado Avalanche website. When we do, we'll add it to the casting choices below.)

05/08/01 Casting for 16 W has been announced!!! Ok, ok...we're a little excited, because some are still not signed. But if *any* are definite, they've really gone to the trouble of finding good actors who really resemble the players...and some are even Canadian! Rob Blake, Steven Reinprecht, Shjon Podein, Scott Parker and Stephane Yelle have yet to be cast.

Dennis Quaid as goalie Patrick Roy

Josh Harnett as goalie David Aebischer

Mel Gibson as Raymond Bourque

Val Kilmer as Peter Forsberg

Harry Connick Jr. as Joe Sakic

Kyle Chandler as Chris Drury

David O'Hara as Milan Hejduk

Matt Damon as Alex Tanguay

Henry Thomas as Adam Deadmarsh

Barry Pepper as Adam Foote

Seann William Scott as Martin Skoula

Ioan Gruffudd as Dan Hinote

Matthew Lilliard as Ville Nieminen

Aaron Eckhart as Shjon Podein

Vince Vaughn as Stephane Yelle

Owen Wilson as Rob Blake

Alan Rickman as Coach Bob Hartley

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